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Computer Science & Computer Engineering Fresh Graduates (#1,578,520,954) 

Job offer in Cairo (Al Qahirah), Egypt

We are seeking Computer Science and Computer Engineering Graduates with an Overall Grade of "B" and above.
Starting salary up to EGP 9,000 in variance with your experience and your performance in our interviews.
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Graduates from top universities who live near Heliopolis, Nasr City, New Cairo, and Eastern Cairo are welcome to apply.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Contribute to collect and validate business requirements from different stakeholders
Contribute to capturing business requirements in terms of security and capacity requirements
Design activities in terms of application service functionalities
Design activities in terms of business processes that are administered by application services
Design activities in terms of technology architecture that carries application services
Design activities in terms of measurements of application services performed as well as business processes
Development activities in terms of application development to meet set business requirements
Development activities in terms of solution business intelligence requirements (reports and KPIs)
A building, assembling and prepare for testing activities of application services as well themanagement of infrastructure technology architecture
Deployment activities in terms of user training, administration training and support team hand over for application services
Early life support for application services as well as technologyarchitecture
Comply with project direction and control aspects
Competency, skills and training responsibilities:
Maintain high skills and competency in a Server Operating System and a DB engine
Maintain knowledge from training on newer versions of OS, DB, and Web application servers
Maintain highest certifications, skills, and competency in IBMplatform
Maintain a high level of skills and competency in Java or relatedlanguage
Maintain a high level of Prince II project management knowledge base and framework
Maintain a high level of knowledge, skills, and competency in ITIL V3 2011 edition industry best practices.

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Al Qahirah

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